Martha Stewart Valentine Chocolates

My wonderful sister-in-law sent a Valentine’s package including a delicious package of Dove chocolates.  My husband opened a chocolate and said, “Why is there a quote from Martha Stewart on the wrapper?”

“WHAT?!?”  I said intrigued, being the person hyperfocused on Martha and perfectionism at the moment.   I grabbed the bag and sure enough, these are the Martha Stewart branded Dove chocolates with “Martha Stewart’s Valentine Tips on Every Wrapper.”

As you open your little chocolate to enjoy the goodness, you are greeted with a suggestion typically for some sort of craft project you can do to remember your Valentine.  Perhaps because of the inferiority complex Martha Stewart can generate, these tips on the wrapper incite very strange feelings.  Instead of just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the chocolate, I feel a strange sense of anxiety mixed in.  “Should I write that tip down?  How could I do that?  Can I throw the wrapper away or should I save it?”  The way some of the tips are worded also make them sound like commandments rather than suggestions.  It’s chocolate with a side of passive aggressive guilt.

What better gift for your perfectionist valentine?