January’s Theme: Diet and Exercise – Organizational Strategies for Success

January’s Theme: Diet and Exercise – Organizational Strategies for Success

There are a lot of themes going on this month. I told you about my overarching theme word for 2014 but this month, my focus, like most of America, is on diet and exercise. Last year, I started a diet and exercise plan and for 

April’s Theme: Yard & Garden

My time is entirely controlled by Mother Nature lately. It started a few weeks ago when my daughter brought home a terrible norovirus-like illness she picked up somewhere. It spread quickly through the whole family and forced us to rearrange all of our plans to 

December’s Theme: Simple Holidays and Toy Storage

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . . everywhere but at our house! While I am seeing so many lights and decorations in my neighborhood as well as cute blogs showcasing elegant homes and decorations, we have yet to put out 

November’s Theme: Healthy Eating

With holiday preparations added to the general mix of life, the fall months are flying by.  November is here already!  It’s another month and time for another Ruly theme. With our 10 pounds of Halloween candy piled beside me, I know that we need to 

June’s Theme: Yard & Garden Plus 8 Quick and Easy Landscaping Ideas

It’s a new month at Ruly. We are halfway through 2011 and this month I am applying my organizing talents outdoors to update my garden! I started this process last year but still have a long way to go. Last year, I left you with