Suze Orman on Retirement Planning

In case you missed it, Suze Orman recently gave some great tips on retirement planning on CNBC, including tips for people at a variety of income levels. The video is below:

You can keep up with Suze’s latest videos by adding her RSS feed (here) to your Google Reader account. If you don’t know what Google Reader is, you might want to read my post here.

Suze’s tips come from her latest book, The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream.  I am ordering a copy and encourage you to do so as well.  Suze Orman has been a helpful guide to me for many years now.  Her advice used to be aimed only at people who were in severe financial distress, drowning in credit card debt or nearing bankruptcy. When I first started watching her show, she used to mock people who would call in that had significant assets.  In our young married years, I would watch her show on Saturday nights while balancing our checkbook and paying bills.

Suze seems to have changed her focus now to help people at all investing levels.  While she still helps people in severe financial distress struggling with basic tasks like budgeting and paying off credit cards, she now helps people think about retirement planning and investing strategies.  It sounds like her book reflects this new focus.

The premise of the new book is that life has changed permanently for most Americans in terms of their finances and that we need to go back and reeducate ourselves about money. Below is a more thorough introduction from the author herself.

Are you a Suze fan?  Who is your favorite financial guru?  Please share in the comments.