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April Recap . . . and a Continuation to May!

If you are surprised that today is the first day of May (May!), join the club! April for us was jam-packed and flew by altogether too fast. Easter, Spring Break, dog sitting, boom, end of the month! Sadly, I am nowhere near done with what 

“Slate” Concrete Patio Makeover

“Slate” Concrete Patio Makeover

The concrete slab on our back patio has definitely seen better days. It was in OK shape when we first moved in and the humid, damp weather we have doesn’t help it any as the years go by. Several contractors have told us that it 

Patio Furniture Update Tip: Wrought Iron Furniture Caps

The skeletons in my yard . . . the patio furniture!

Despite celebrating Easter and being on Spring Break, I am still making some progress on my unfinished yard and garden tasks.

One of my leftover projects is to finish transforming the patio furniture skeletons in my yard into hammock-style pieces like I showed last year. The pieces I have left to finish are the harder ones: namely the chaise and the “swing chair”/glider.

I am pleased to report that the transformation of the chaise to a rope chaise is now complete!

My "new" rope chaise.

There is something about this design that makes it very inviting to sit in. While previously it also looked inviting in my first makeover project where I spray-painted it black and added a cushion, I have noticed that when it comes to patio furniture especially, there is something psychologically comforting about knowing that you can see through the chair to the ground. Maybe we are worried that there are bugs or other creatures hiding beneath?

These chairs are pretty comfortable too, as my daughter will attest:

As preparation for another makeover tip I will share hopefully next week, I wanted to add some protective caps to the feet of the furniture. The downside of wrought iron furniture is that it is quite heavy. It is pretty hard for the average person to pick up a piece of wrought iron furniture to move it around so a lot of dragging and pulling goes on.

I went looking for a good cap at the hardware store and came across this item which fit the bill perfectly.
They are called “insert cups” and they fit inside the bottom of the feet so they don’t even show! Another benefit I wasn’t even considering.

When I tipped the furniture upside down to put these new insert cups on, I noticed that the original furniture must have come with plastic inserts but they had worn away or degraded with time. This is what was left.

And this was the new look.

We will see how they hold up and whether they will allow for better drag-ability of the furniture with less scratching but I was quite pleased with the overall result.

I still have some more work to do in this area but so far so good. Do you have a patio furniture spruce-up tip? Please share in the comments.

Patio Furniture Makeover: Vinyl Strap Chair to Hammock Chair

I recently received a reader question on my patio furniture makeover from last year: Tracy commented: “Can you please tell me how the paint is holding up on the vinyl? Looking to do the same. Wondering how well it wears? Looks beautiful!” The paint itself 

Inexpensive, Custom Patio Chair Cushions

Last year, I created a minor stir with my budget patio furniture makeover where I gave a fresh look to my tired patio furniture by spray painting it black and sewing black and white cushions from inexpensive vinyl tablecloth fabric and foam mattress padding. We