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Ballet and Orchids

This past weekend we had the second ballet in our season subscription to The Washington Ballet to attend. Since every time my daughters and I attend the ballet it creates a minor child care crisis for our family, my husband and I spent some time 

The Ick of Ticks

As I mentioned before, we share our garden space with numerous visitors.  For some people (and usually me) this can be the icky part of gardening. Is this a mole beneath my daughter’s earlobe? Nope.  It’s a tick! Yes, ticks are back.  We have pulled 

Press Release from the Black Cohosh: “The report of my death was an exaggeration”

For the record, alive and well . . . the black cohosh!

It was reported recently on this blog that I “never grew” or, alternatively that I produced “one small leaf or shoot . . . not memorable enough to photograph.”

I am here to correct this vicious attack on my character.  As you can see, I am most certainly alive.

As are two of my fellow cohoshes.


We find it very interesting that someone who cares so little for our needs, including water and fertilizer, would be so quick to criticize us for failing to perform to expectations.  With a little research, you would know that we are “slow-growing perennials.”

We are most certainly here and with a little patience and time perhaps one day we will produce “fairy candle” flowers for you.

In the meantime, please be careful of jumping to conclusions on our behalf as your record in this regard is sincerely in question.


The Black Cohoshes of Your Garden

 **My apologies to the black cohoshes.  I don’t want to participate in the bullying of anyone via my blog, including members of the plant kingdom.  You are treasured members of my garden.

The Strawberry of Serendipity

I am having a sort of zen relationship with my garden lately.  I try to do a little Frank Lloyd Wright style organic architecture contemplation when I am out in my garden to see if there is any way I can accommodate the natural tendencies 

A Simple Deer Solution

This week my blog posting schedule has been disrupted due to “first world” problems fretting about my master bath remodeling. We still have not started on the actual remodeling yet but the planning has taken me a long time to finalize. Fortunately, the planning is