June’s Theme: Motivation & Relapse Recovery

We are at the mid-point of 2010, which is still hard for me to believe! The school year is almost over and summer vacations are upon us. Given the whirlwind of activity, June seemed like the right month to step back for a moment, reflect 

Yard & Garden Recap and Ruly Challenge

It’s the end of another month and time to summarize this month’s posts and highlight some of my favorite comments. This month at Ruly we have been discussing strategies to bring more order to your yard and garden. We started off with 5 reasons to 

Ruly Challenge: Perfectionism Diary

We are having one of the snowiest winters in memory this year in Virginia.  Another 3-ish inches fell last night and more is on the way this weekend.  Having grown up in a wintry state, I am really enjoying all this snow.  It makes the 

January Recap and Ruly Challenge

Is it just me or is it unbelievable that it is already the end of January!   This month at Ruly we focused on goals and goal-setting strategies.  We learned from a variety of voices about how to set and achieve goals, summarized below: Kevin 

Ruly Challenge: Eat From Your Pantry and Find Your Fridge!

This month’s Ruly Challenge will give you back precious space, put money in your wallet, save the planet and perhaps allow you to shed a few pounds too! Intrigued?  Read on! When I opened my own pantry last week, I found it was so jammed