Toy Storage Ideas: Legos

Duplo animals

At our house, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without Legos. The classic construction toy is so much fun to build with and admire. Depending on your preference, you either build your kit once and store it in pristine condition like a model or you keep tearing it down to build something new.

The only downside of Lego is that they can be a pain to put away, figuratively and literally (for anyone who has had the pleasure of stepping on small Lego pieces in bare feet. Ouch!)

This year, there have been a few new innovations in Lego storage. The Container Store offers cute Lego brick and Lego head-shaped containers that you can dump the Legos into.

Large LEGO Storage Brick at
Large LEGO Storage Head Boy Yellow at
Also, I recently received an email from Peter and Moira Botherway, inventors in New Zealand who have created a unique Lego sorting and storage system called the Box4Blox. You can watch a short video about the product here. Basically, you dump assorted small Legos in the top and the Box4Blox will filter the collection by size into different sized trays. It is made in the USA, which is also very cool.

Of course, the best question is, “How does Lego store its Lego collection?” Lego recently sent out free DVDs to kids who are members of its Lego Club for Kids. On the DVD are several short movies about how Lego designers design and build various Lego sets at the Lego factory. I went crazy when I saw this clip where the Lego designer goes to the “element basement” to pick out exactly which blocks he needs for his project. They show how all the blocks are sorted by color and size in labeled boxes in labeled shelving units. Some people’s version of heaven would be to wander these aisles for eternity.

One other tip we have learned with Legos is that it is a good idea to wash them once in a while to get rid of greasy and sticky fingerprints, particularly for the Duplo blocks aimed at younger children. The easiest way we have found to wash the blocks is to dump them into a bathtub and fill the tub with hot water. Add a little dishwashing soap and a little bleach. Let them soak for a while then carefully drain the tub and let the Legos air dry on towels.

I did this recently for our collection and found the sight of the Legos bobbing in the water so funny that I took a few pictures.

Bobbing Legos being washed.
Struggling to get clean.

What methods do you prefer for Lego storage? Please share in the comments.