Ruly Kids: Easy Christmas Decorations

Since I have delayed on my decorating, my clever daughter has been picking up the slack for me!  Below are a few of her easy tips to create fun Christmas decorations.

Tip #1: Get out your stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are the perfect Christmas decorations.  Bunch them up in a group on the sofa or set them up in chairs.  They look perfectly at home and add a magical touch to the house.

Tip #2: Dress Stuffed Animals in Hats and Scarves

It’s getting cold outside and your stuffed animals might need a little warmth.  They look extra cute in hats and scarves.

Tip #3: Make your own tree out of boxes or presents.

If your Mom is slow to get her tree up, you can just make your own!  Grab a few boxes of presents that have arrived, stack them by size and pick up a few trinkets you find around the house (cards from a fast food meal, etc.) to make “decorations.”  Put your toys around the tree for the finishing touch.