Organizing Your Car

Ah, the car, a little oasis for you to shuttle yourself and your passengers to various destinations. There is not that much to a car, seats, steering wheel, seat belts, trunk but yet cars are notorious for collecting stuff. What kind of stuff? Receipts, take-out 

Clear the Decks!

Now that I have my patio furniture project completed, I am moving on to some quicker spring cleaning/design projects in the home. The first project I have in mind is countertops, clearing them bare — particularly in the kitchen and bath. Good design is not 

The 2010 IKEA Catalog is Here!

A little slice of heaven arrived in the mail this weekend . . . the 2010 IKEA Catalog! If you have never had the pleasure, the IKEA Catalog is part shopping guide, part art exhibition and 100% inspiration. The products, as always, are stylish, practical 

Storage Solutions: Food

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you are continuing your efforts to eat from your fridge and pantry stores. ¬†Remember, the more you eat at home now, the more money you are saving, the more space you are freeing up for yummy, fresh 

Storage Solutions: Halloween Costumes

I have always enjoyed Halloween. It is the one day a year where is is acceptable to wear almost anything you like. There are so many fun things to try including clothing, wigs, masks, props, and a variety of accessories such as jewelry, contact lenses,