Legislating Vegetables: Current Experiments with School Lunch and SNAP

I owe you an update on my diet and exercise status but that will be coming on Thursday. I have been continuing my progress and have a lot to tell you. Today, however, I thought it would be interesting to expand on our discussion of 

A Halloween Tribute to Lauren Child

I have this little daughter “Lola.” She is small and very funny. One year, we decided to make a Halloween costume. We needed: and ended up with: Lola! Then we took and created . . . Charlie! Next we found and made to create Sizzles! 

Ruly Bookshelf: That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week

Last week was a huge event for our family. We welcomed a wonderful boy! Our son is tiny and cute and his arrival requires that my husband and I update our parenting skills to learn more about raising boys. Ana Homayoun’s book, That Crumpled Paper 

Garden Art: Rock Creatures

This month, as I am looking to inject a little personality into my garden, my daughter’s school art project provided some inspiration. Using a well-known material we all have free access to, you can create an endless number of imaginative creatures. The material, of course, 

Best Wishes to William & Kate!

The world awaits the wedding of the century (and to be sure an amazing feat of organization!) tomorrow, between Prince William and Kate Middleton. We are all getting quite an education on the royal family in the news of late, furthering our fascination with these