Day 10 Status

With the weather turning colder, my body is ready to hibernate. I find myself wanting to eat slightly more than usual and sleep. It takes extra discipline to think about diet and exercise when nature is telling you to store up your winter reserves. Eating 

Lessons from the Fall Festival Bake Sale

Every once in a while we all have to learn something the hard way—by making a million mistakes and suffering a big fail—but in the process gaining invaluable insight. For me, this fall’s learning experience has been the “fall festival bake sale.” It has taught 

Ruly Ruth: 10 Best and Worst Foods to Bring to a Cookout!

It’s summer time! Cookouts abound and from Memorial to Labor Day, grilling and outdoor gatherings are the fête du jour! With that, when you are invited to one of these lovely events, I have suggestions for what you should bring that will be enjoyed by 

Ruly Gift Idea: Cranberry Orange Bread

Looking for a great holiday gift for a neighbor or friend or a wonderful Christmas morning breakfast treat. I have just the thing!  A lovely, sweet-but-not-too-sweet cranberry bread. We discovered this recipe over Thanksgiving.  We were supposed to be making a “cranberry chutney” for my 

How to Win the Holiday Cookie Contest Without Really Trying

Today, I will continue my quick, lighthearted holiday posts so that those who are already overtaxed by holiday responsibilities can relax and be entertained for a bit. Last weekend, I attended a neighborhood holiday cookie and ornament party.  As I was rushing about last-minute trying