Reader Request: 400 Calorie Salad Recipes

A montage of Ruly salad creations.
A montage of Ruly salad creations.

Facebook fan Lisa commented recently to request a copy of the salad recipes that I used during my weight loss program last month. Lisa, you have no idea how much this thrills my heart! First, a comment! Hooray! Second, I don’t know if I have ever had original recipes to share ever in my life. So, of course, I wanted to fulfill Lisa’s request.

I went back through the calorie counting notes I took and compiled a list of 11 salads along with “recipes” to make them. These salads are so easy anyone can make them. It is not so much cooking as it is assembling a lot of basic ingredients in a salad bowl.

I condensed them into a one-page sheet that you can tack to your fridge for inspiration and even compiled the ingredient list for all the salads into a grocery shopping list if you are so inclined. The font is a tad small, however. If this gives anyone problems, please comment and I will try to modify it into a two-pager with bigger fonts.

Enjoy and happy eating! If you create your own low calorie salads you would like to share, please comment or link up!