February Goals Status and March Goals

Ready or not . . . here spring comes!
Ready or not . . . here spring comes!

Wow! The end of February has come altogether too quickly. Here we are 4 days into March!

February ended up being a bit of a blur for me.

We finished up our ski lessons.

and prepared to celebrate Valentine’s Day

There were many ways to spend time screen-gazing this month. I reviewed three major online events:

We looked at the fitness routines of the ultra-skinny

and checked out the athletic prowess of The Washington Ballet

I began my own fitness routine

and gave an update on how I am doing after one week on my new regimen.

If all of this activity caused anyone anxiety, Guest Blogger Ryan Rivera shared his insight, particularly anxiety in women.

Honestly, I fell off my routine-tracking about mid-month and have been struggling to getting back to it.

March is going to be hugely busy for me. The weather is starting to turn spring-like and that means three things for me:

1) Gardening
2) Spring cleaning
3) Tax preparation

All of this comes on top of what I am already doing so I have to find a way to work that into my routine. Even though my first reaction is to throw my hands up, scream, “That’s impossible!” and forget about it all, I know that if I can stay focused and disciplined and work really hard this month, I will be in excellent shape for the rest of spring and summer. So I tell myself that all this craziness is only for 30 days, that I will get through it and my reward is to celebrate Easter at the end of the month with my family, in a gorgeously clean and organized house, (hopefully) with a trim body and a yard that is at least progressing in the right direction.

It’s going to be a LOT of work this month but I am trying to build myself up and stay positive that it can be done. The change in seasons is really giving me a lift. I love seeing all that sunshine! Of course, life will happen too and I will adjust as needed but for now I am starting off with guns blazing.

This past weekend, I began a deep spring cleaning on the main floor of my home. It took forever but now we are enjoying the progress we have made. It seems less intimidating now to work on maintaining the organization we have just achieved. Sometimes you can organize a little at a time but what a boost it gives you to do it all in one big swoop!

However, while I was focusing on the spring cleaning, I fell off on my other goals. So, you can’t have it all!

Here is a blank goals/routine checklist for March if you need a reminder to get yourself back on track.

Are you amped up for March? What is on your to do list? Please share in the comments.