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Holiday Mail for Heroes 2012 Card Designs

This year, our family wanted to inject more charitable giving into our holiday celebrations. I posted on Veteran’s Day about the Holiday Mail for Heroes campaign administered by the Red Cross. I decided to send in a few cards with a unique, military holiday design. My children call them the “military Santas.”

We think they are kind of fun and a great way to learn about our current military leaders and uniforms as well. While the deadline for Holiday Mail for Heroes has already passed and the Red Cross isn’t accepting more cards for this year, you can download pattern templates below to make your own cards for next year or leave off the Santa hats and use them for other military remembrance purposes.

Saluting Santa

Saluting Soldier inspired by General Norman Schwarzkopf

The Saluting Santa was inspired by this photo of General Norman Schwarzkopf. The key for this card was to find an appropriate camouflage patterned paper for the jacket and pants. Surprisingly, our local Michael’s store had no camouflage-patterned paper! So, improvising, I came up with wood-grain print. I am unaware of any military operation where wood grain would be an appropriate camouflage (surveillance of 1970’s wood-paneled basements or lumber yards?) but it does OK as a substitute for the current desert digital pattern.

All of these cards are pretty easy to make, but a little time consuming. Just cut out the pattern pieces and glue them on with a glue stick. You can add additional details if you like or facial features but I liked the modern look with fewer details and blank faces.

All of the parts of the Saluting Soldier Card.

Reverent Soldier

Reverent Santa card inspired by Colin Powell.

The Reverent Soldier card was inspired by a photo of General Colin Powell standing with the first President Bush.

After seeing how the first cards I made came out, my 7-year old wanted to help. The Reverent Soldier card has quite a lot of small pieces to it so I had my doubts but in the end she did quite well! Of course, the soldier’s shoes are a bit askew and his hands were put on backwards but the rest was quite wonderful.

Striding Soldier

Striding Soldier card inspired by Janet Wolfenbarger.

My last card design was inspired when I heard a news report that the first female 4-star general of the Air Force had been appointed. I did not know who this was but felt it would be appropriate to commemorate this milestone achievement with a Santa card. After some research, I found that the new general was Janet Wolfenbarger and this picture of her was perfect for a card design since it showed that she was wearing pumps.

After the cards were done, we wrote a brief note of thanks on the back,

then popped them in the envelope.

and sent them on their way.

Did you participate in Holiday Mail for Heroes? Are you making any holiday cards this year? Please share in the comments.

*I have no affiliation with the Red Cross or the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.