Halloween Costumes 2012 – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

William and Kate with Queen Elizabeth coming between them.

In our household, Halloween is not just for children. What a great time of year to take a fashion risk or experiment with a new look!

As for my Halloween costume this year, I continued the “world leaders” theme. My husband is not a huge fan of Halloween costumes so I look for costume ideas based on characters or people that he already resembles. I have always thought my husband looks like a close relative of Prince William. So, the not very original, but fun, costume idea of William & Kate was born.

Since my husband didn’t want to look dressed up, I chose for him the Prince William engagement sweater photo. It was subtle enough that he could wear it to work if needed without drawing any attention to himself. I was able to find a used cashmere sweater on eBay so it fit right in with our costume budget. Plus, it could be worn again either to work or for more formal occasions.

Other than the fact that we both have long brown hair, I don’t really resemble Kate Middleton. So, I tried to pick a distinctive outfit of hers to bridge the gap. For my Kate Middleton look, I chose her green dress look. I looked and looked for a similar used green dress but struck out. There was nothing in that style or color. So, I ended up sewing. I found an inexpensive fabric in the right shade of green and just winged it on the pattern. I modified the design into a shrug and sleeveless dress combo. Paired with some nude heels, it was a pretty good imitation.

Nobody had any idea who I was supposed to be but I did get a lot of compliments about what a nice dress I was wearing! The Duchess has excellent taste. That shade of green is really flattering, especially on a brunette.

Do you dress up for Halloween or do you think Halloween is more for children? What costumes were you wearing this Halloween? Please share in the comments.

P.S. Some readers may be amazed that I cut my hair. Nope! Just a good fake by pinning it to the front of my dress.

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