Halloween Costumes 2012 – Young George Washington!

Now that we had two world leaders under our belt, Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth, it was time to figure out a costume for my son. There are so many male leaders to choose from. The one I had been thinking about lately, however, was George Washington, so, voila, George Washington it was.

One of the best children’s books we have read on George Washington is called George Washington’s Teeth. It gives a picture of George Washington through his dental history. George Washington comes across as superhuman in this book. While he is leading armies and serving as President and doing all kinds of incredible things, he is in agony from his dental concerns. He is always losing teeth! It makes you wonder what else he might have done had he not been distracted by tooth pain all the time.

My son’s costume was the least expensive of the bunch. All the materials were in my stash, or borrowed from his existing closet. His vest and trousers were cut from an old Amazon gift sack (a huge blue bag Amazon uses to wrap oversized gifts) that we received from someone one Christmas.

The only thing I purchased for him was a Colonial-style wig, which he refused to wear. It turns out, however, that the young George Washington is thought to have been a redhead, much like my son, so perhaps it was a more authentic costume without the wig!

My son seemed to prefer putting the wig on one of our pumpkins instead.

The colonial pumpkin.

Here is Little George, joined by Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth. I’m sure these world leaders would have plenty to discuss!

Next costume: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge