. . . and You Think You’re Busy?!

Azalea bush in full bloom. One of the many "busy" inhabitants of our garden.

Lately around our house we have an abundance of life. We have huge azaleas, rhododenrons and peonies in an overwhelming, almost desperate, bloom.

Rhododendron burdened with enormous blooms.
Red peony. A new addition from last year.
Blood red peony. Too amazing for words.

This week, I was taking out the garbage one evening and in the short walk out the back door to the garbage can, a lizard scurried under the steps, large moths were fluttering in the darkness and a frog hopped out of the way of my path to rest on our garden hose. After dumping the trash, I caught something out of the corner of my eye near my foot. As I stooped to inspect, I found a large brown spider carrying an egg sac!

It felt like these creatures were saying to me:

Move it, lady! Can’t you see we’re busy?!

It made me stop to realize how important this time of year is for almost every other life form. Whether they survive next year depends on what happens right now.

It’s the kind of realization that makes you feel very small . . . and a bit claustrophobic too!