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Braiding the Daffodils

Our fairy ring of daffodils in bloom.

We had a beautiful ring of daffodils around our front tree this year. I can’t take credit for it. The previous owners put this in and it comes back year after year, thrilling my daughters with its blooms.

After the blooming, however, the greenery starts to get a little tired. It may also serve as a “nest” for deer who seem to like to lie in it and munch on my daylilies.

Daffodil leaves . . . post bloom and post-deer.

Looking at this mess of leaves, I remembered my post on the perfectionist gardener and the concept of braiding the leaves came into my head. I didn’t think I would ever become one of “those” gardeners. While individual small braids was out of the time commitment question, I went for a huge braid of the entire nest. It’s a bit sloppy but hey, aren’t messy braids the latest fashion trend?

The braided daffodil foliage.

Just a bit of fun . . . and it made it easier to weed underneath!