Ruly Tip: Goal Inspiration from the Met

The gorgeous, inspirational 2012 Metropolitan Museum of Art calendar.

Calendars are essential organizing tools for all goal-oriented people. There are a surprising variety of calendar formats to choose from. In addition to a dizzying number of digital and online calendars, there is the classic month-at-a-time wall calendar, planners with monthly, weekly or daily formats and even large wall calendars showing the whole year at a time.

Most people are looking to plan ahead for events to come. In this mindset there is not much demand for a page-a-day calendar. After all, what use would such a calendar be? If you wrote all of your appointments on a page-a-day calendar, you would wake up each day and be shocked to find out that you are running late for a meeting, due at the dentist or heading out of town that evening.

Metropolitan Museum of Art 2012 Page-A-Day Calendar
Yet, I found myself strangely drawn to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2012 Page-A-Day art calendar. My children had fun counting down the days to Christmas so I thought they might like counting up as the year went on as well. As a bonus, it was on sale for 50% off since 2012 had already begun.

When the calendar arrived, I unboxed it and was simply amazed. The design of this calendar is an artistic feat. The simple clear acrylic holder sits prettily on the desk and each page is printed in high quality inks to maximize the impact of the artwork in question. The day and date are printed inconspicuously at the top and the details about the artist and artwork are in a tiny font. Each page is printed double-sided so that when you get half-way through the year, you turn the pages over and flip back through the reverse side of the stack. Eco-friendly and streamlined! My children have so enjoyed turning the page each day to see what we will find and it literally feels like we are touring the museum every day. This would be a fantastic calendar for any office environment as well.

Alas, this beautiful calendar appears to be all sold out through the Met online store, which is great news considering all sales benefit the museum, but you can still get it at If art is not your cup of tea, consider a page-a-day calendar in your area of interest to give you a boost of motivation toward your 2012 goals.

P.S. I have no affiliation with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.