A Halloween Tribute to Lauren Child

I have this little daughter “Lola.”

She is small and very funny.

One year, we decided to make a Halloween costume.

We needed:

and ended up with:


Then we took

and created . . .


Next we found

and made

to create



But no story would be complete without an imaginary friend.

For this, we need:

Our Lola has an invisible, beautiful fairy who is her best friend . . .

Lauren Sorenson!


*If you are a Lauren Child fan, you absolutely get this. If you don’t, you must read, “I Will Not Ever, Never, Eat a Tomato.” Immediately. (Or check out the Charlie and Lola website.)

Thank you, Lauren Child! We love Lola who embodies all the imaginative exuberance of our girls and Charlie’s kind rationality trying to guide her in the right direction. We admire your deceptively simple, and extremely stylized art. Charlie and Lola will be the remembered classic books of my children’s childhood. Forever.

Happy Halloween!