Sep 072016
Left: the old site and Right: the new design.

Left: the old site and Right: the new design.

Thanks to my amazingly talented husband, has had a facelift over the weekend. My site now runs on new technology and has a few new design changes and improved features you may enjoy!

Clean, white background

This is something I have always wanted but never got around to fixing properly. Now lots of white space.

Simpler design elements

With a little tweaking of the aptly named “Minima” version of the Suffusion WordPress theme, posts have simpler fonts and easier to access comments.


Technical fixes

In the course of upgrading, a few broken links and other minor technical problems were fixed and upgraded.

Suggested posts

Thanks to the Contextual Related Posts plugin, each post now will suggest 3 other similar articles based on the content of each post.



I have added a favicon. Now if you bookmark or save it to a favorite on your phone or in feedly, you will see the Ruly woman caricature.



It has taken me some time to learn that if you want your photo to appear next to your blog comments, you need to set up an account with Gravatar. At long last, I have done so. If you prefer to be recognizable in your comments, you may do so as well. It is free and easy. If you prefer to remain anonymous, the comments still work the same as ever.


What do you think of the new design?

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  1. Love the new site design! A few small changes make a big difference.

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