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Something that is not routine in Virginia . . . snow!  A scene from last night's storm.

Something that is not routine in Virginia . . . snow! A scene from last night’s storm.

Another blog housekeeping item on my list is to look back on my theme word for 2013: routine. I noted at the time that this word is not very exciting. When I first thought of the word routine, I generally thought about staying in place or even stagnating. I came to learn that there is far more to routine than that.

I really tried to keep the idea “routine” top of mind and gained some incredible insights over the course of a year. In one area, diet and exercise, I excelled at implementing new routines and made a huge positive difference in my life. In other areas, I could have done better.

Even if I didn’t always succeed in implementing an actual routine in a particular area, by focusing in on what routine meant to me, I gained philosophical insights that helped me. The inspiration came from a variety of places: from my initial reflections, from my diet and exercise regimen, from travel and from reading good books.

Below are the 6 biggest insights I had about routine.







Did you choose a theme word for 2013? If yes, what were your biggest insights? Please share in the comments.

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  One Response to “Reflections on My 2013 Theme Word: Routine”

  1. Ruly, your focus word, “Routine”, has aided me to respect and enjoy the
    everydayness of living. I look at Routine as a linking back to the past and so
    in that sense it is the religion (linking back) of routine. Thank you for this guidance.

    The apartment cleaning link is also a friend to my homecleaning–what a myriad of ideas and approaches for such a necessary task(s).

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